Associate Professor of Finance
Olin Business School
Washington University in St. Louis

I am an economist and an Associate Professor of Finance at the Olin Business School. My areas of expertise include  financial economics, corporate finance, and microeconomic theory. In my research, I study the behavior of strategic agents in dynamic settings with a focus on the role of information and learning on incentives, trade, prices, and efficiency. Prior to joining Olin, I was a tenured associate professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. I earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a M.S. in financial mathematics from Stanford University, and a bachelor's degree of science in economics and engineering from Duke University.



A few of the projects that I'm working  on right now

(joint with Brendan Daley and Thomas Geelen)

Due diligence is common practice prior to the execution of many transactions. Yet, it has been largely overlooked in the literature. We study a model of the due diligence process and analyze its effect on prices, the division of surplus, and efficiency.

(with Paul Gertler and Catherine Wolfram)

A new form of lending using digital collateral has recently emerged, most prominently in low and middle income countries. Digital collateral relies on ``lockout" technology, which allows the lender to temporarily disable the flow value of the collateral to the borrower without physically repossessing it. We explore the effect of this new form of credit both in a model and in a field experiment



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